Consider Ongoing Maintenance Issues before Installing a Pool

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Pools cost thousands of dollars to install. Although you may save the money to have a pool installed, you may need to consider the ongoing costs of regular maintenance, insurance and property taxes prior to making such an addition to your property. Also, should you want to sell your Houston home later, your pool may or may not add to the value of your home. It depends on whether or not a potential buyer considers the pool an attractive feature or a money pit with safety hazards.

Prior to installing a pool, you may want to contact your agent to find out how much, if any, additional insurance you may need to provide financial protection for property and liability concerns associated with a pool. Another regular expense may be extra energy costs that result from operating the pool’s filtration pump. Even an energy efficient pump may still contribute to your monthly bills.

You most likely will need chemicals or natural additives to control bacteria, algae and other germs in your pool. In addition, you may need other water additives to keep the pH, alkalinity and calcium levels balanced in your pool. Pools can contribute hours of enjoyment to the summers you spend in your Houston home, but it is important to be prepared for the additional insurance, taxes and maintenance costs necessary for responsible pool ownership.

Make sure you have the right liability cover under your home insurance policy, and talk to an agent about your property coverage limits to ensure you could replace your pool if it was damaged or destroyed by a covered peril.


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