Order in the Playroom

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It’s back to school in a few weeks in Houston, and undoubtedly many
things require organizing. In the midst of shopping for school uniforms and
supplies, why not use the start of the school year as a reminder to review your
home insurance policies? Reviewing your policies regularly is important to make
sure they are up-to-date, and include financial protection for all of your
property and possessions. Remembering to review your policies might be easier
if you associate it with the start of a new school year.

While you organize your own paperwork, get your kids involved in
organizing their playroom after the long holiday. When organizing your
children’s playroom, you may want to let them make four piles of toys,
including one for broken toys to throw away, one for toys that may be donated
to charity, one for toys to leave at grandma’s and one for toys to keep. Some
storage ideas include low shelves with clear containers, or a clear drawer
system. It is important for children to be able to see what is in the
containers, and to be able to reach everything without help.

You may want to print out labels for different items, to help young
children practice reading. Organization is a learned skill, and teaching your
children at a young age may help them be more organized in school and as

Part of being an organized adult is keeping track of important items
such as bills, investments and insurance. Your home insurance agent can answer your questions about
your current coverage, and advise you on ways to keep your policies organized.


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