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Preparing a Place in Your Home for Your First Grandchild

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The birth of a first grandchild is a joyous occasion, and you may want to arrange a room in your home to serve as a nursery for that first time your new grandchild spends the night. It may be wise to check with your Houston home insurance agent to make sure you have the financial protection you need for any additions you make to your home to accommodate your grandchild.

The Home Safety Council lists some safety precautions that first time grandparents may want to take when organizing a space in their home for a newborn grandchild.

  • Learning infant CPR techniques may be one of the wisest things you can do to be prepared to care for your grandchild during an overnight stay.
  • Should you be using an heirloom crib for your grandchild, you may want to check it to make sure there is no loose hardware the baby could swallow.
  • It may be wise to remove any objects near the crib that have cords or strings in which your grandchild may become tangled.
  • Wall hangings may need to be moved away from the crib out of reach of the baby.
  • When you lay your grandchild in the crib to sleep, you may need to remove any plush toys or thick bedding, as these could cause suffocation.

You may also want to make sure your smoke alarms are loud enough to wake you from sleep. Consider contacting your agent to make any changes necessary to your Houston home insurance policies before making your grandchild’s nursery addition.*

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