Building a Storage Shed on Your Property

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After living in your home for several years, you may find that you are beginning to outgrow your space. Moving to a larger home may not be an option, but building a storage shed in your backyard could be a possibility. You may want to check your existing Houston home insurance coverage. Outbuildings may be covered, but you might consider increasing the coverage amount. You’ll also need to contact the Municipal Building Department in Houston to apply for a building permit before you start.

It may be wise to apply for a permit regardless of the size of your shed. The local building inspector should ensure that your shed is built to code, so that you may avoid safety hazards such as sinking or roof collapse. The location of your shed will need to be approved too, to ensure that it is not straddling your neighbor’s property line, blocking access to a septic tank, or encroaching on wetlands. Should you risk building a shed without seeking a permit, you may later be forced to move it, or take it down altogether.

Building a shed in a low-lying area where water may collect is not recommended as this could cause a build-up of mold and mildew. Selecting an area with total shade and no direct sunlight may also result in mold or rot. Once you have decided on the best site, why not take the time to make sure you have the right Houston home insurance coverage for these kinds of addition to your home?*

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