Things to Think About When Considering Condo Living

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There are a number of things to think about when deciding whether or not to purchase a condo and one of them is insurance coverage. It is important to know exactly what the landlord or management association’s insurance covers, and you may also want to determine what it would cost you to replace your possessions in the event they are damaged or destroyed in a catastrophe. Your agent can typically help you determine the best condo insurance Texas policy to financially protect yourself.

Examples of structural items that may be covered by your landlord or condo management include lighting, flooring, carpeting, cabinetry, countertops, walls, and ceilings. Examples of contents that may be your responsibility to insure include furniture, area rugs, jewelry, fine art, and electronics. It is important to know exactly what you may be responsible for insuring and what the management’s policies cover. 

A condo may be a good choice for you if you desire amenities, such as a swimming pool or fitness center, that you otherwise could not afford in a single-family dwelling. Should you not have the time or desire to do yard work, a condo may be right for you. Condos also frequently offer excellent security measures that are expensive to duplicate in a traditional home. Before signing a condo lease, call your agent to discuss a condo insurance Texas policy that will meet your particular needs. 


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