Lake Living May Call for Additional Homeowners Insurance in Houston

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With hundreds of homes dotting its shores, the Lake Houston area of Houston city seems to be a popular location. Along with beautiful homes, the area features a state park with camping, fishing, and boating. Living on a lake may offer daily enjoyment to the homeowner, but waterfront living may also present some special risks. In order to protect your financial investment in your lake property, contact your homeowners insurance Houston agent to review your coverage for your lake home. 

Lake homes often mean lake toys that may come with extra risks. Should you have some type of watercraft, talk to your agent about insurance policies you may need to provide additional financial protection. It may be wise to take extra precautions if children play on your lakefront property. Whether the children belong to you or someone else, you bear some responsibility when they are on your property. Make sure small children playing near the lake have adult supervision.

It may be a good idea to stock your boat or other watercraft with plenty of life jackets. A general rule of thumb is to have one life jacket for each person on board when you take your boat out of the dock. Depending on the size of your watercraft, life jackets may be required by Texas law. You may want to make a list of the recreational items you want to use at your lake home and present it to your homeowners insurance Houston agent to find out the specific insurance coverage needed for each one. 


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