Candles are a Source of House Fires

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Coverage for losses due to fire is typically included in a homeowners insurance Houston policy. Candles used for light during a power outage, to generate a pleasant aroma in a room, or to set the scene for a romantic dinner, are popular among Houston homeowners, but dangerous if not handled properly.

Candles cause thousands of house fires each year, more than 100 deaths, hundreds of injuries, and millions of dollars’ worth of property damage. Approximately one-third of the house fires started by candles begin in bedrooms, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Some of the fires started by candles in bedrooms are linked to homeowners falling asleep while the candles were still burning. About half of the house fires started by candles occurred because flammable or combustible materials were left too close to the candles.

Candle Safety Tips

Blow out candles before leaving a room or going to bed, and avoid using candles in bedrooms where people are likely to fall asleep. Place lit candles at least one foot from anything flammable. Use sturdy candle holders that are not easily knocked over, and do not place candles on cluttered surfaces. Never use candles around an elderly or sick person who is on oxygen. Have flashlights handy in case of power outages, and avoid using candles. In the event that you one day have to make a claim after a house fire, contact your homeowners insurance Houston agent for help in filing the claim and arranging for repairs to the damage done to your home. 


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