Choose Energy Efficiency and you may help Reduce Costs

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Replacing appliances and other items in your home with energy-efficient alternatives not only guzzles less energy but may also help you save some money on utility bills. According to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) making your home eco-friendly in other ways such as through “green” building practices may have the added benefit of helping to make it more disaster-resistant, which may result in fewer claims on your homeowners insurance Houston policy. 

In addition, according to the Insurance Information Institute, some insurers are offering premium discounts for homeowners who build according to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system developed by the Green Building Council. 

Your home does not have to be overhauled in one swoop. It is possible to go green gradually. 

•Start by recycling paper, glass, aluminum, and plastic, and use a compost pile in your backyard for discarded food. 
•When the time comes to replace your roof or windows, install energy efficient alternatives in their place.
•When renovating your home, look into ways of doing so that will improve its disaster-resistance. This may also have the benefit of reducing landfill after a disaster.
•When replacing light bulbs and appliances, switch to energy-efficient versions to save money.
•Consider converting your home to solar power. It requires some early investment but the long-term savings should make it worthwhile. 

Some municipalities are beginning to require that developers and contractors use sustainable materials and energy-efficient appliances in new construction projects. Ask your homeowners insurance Houston agent about any possible green incentives and discounts, to save money and help benefit the environment in the process.


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