Home Theater a Fun-Filled Luxury to Add to Your Condo

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A home theater may not be as difficult as you think to construct or install, but your condo insurance Texas may need to be updated to accommodate the addition to your home. Accessories that go along with the theater, such as speakers, surge protectors, CD library, storage cabinets, popcorn machine, and seating may require additional coverage as well.

Standard condo insurance policies provide some coverage for electronic equipment for damage or destruction from rainstorms, lightning, fire, high winds or other disasters; however a home theater may require some additional coverage over and above that provided in a standard policy. When installing a home theater, do not assume your current insurance coverage is sufficient. Consult your agent to find out what you need to properly insure your new theater. It may be best to investigate the necessary policy changes before beginning construction on your new home theater.

Once you have adequate insurance coverage in place, and your home theater is installed, store all purchase receipts in a secure location, and take photos of your new theater and all accessories, to add to the inventory of your possessions in the event of a covered loss. Consider insuring your home theater for replacement cost instead of cash value. It may cost a little more, but may be worth the extra expense should you lose your theater to a disaster and want to replace it. Your condo insurance Texas agent would be happy to explain the difference between replacement cost and cash value.


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