Select your Texas Condo Insurance Carefully

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Before purchasing your condo insurance Texas, find out how much coverage your condo association carries, and what areas of your condo are not covered by your association. Find out what your insurance responsibilities are, and how much it would cost to repair or reconstruct the areas of the condo for which you are responsible. Another concern is what, if any, financial protection against liability claims the condo association carries.

Your condo association may be responsible for insuring common areas, but you may have to buy coverage for the interior of your condo including appliances, light fixtures, drywall, and cabinetry. Liability coverage is necessary for financial protection from any lawsuits resulting from people who were injured in some way on your property. Medical protection through your liability coverage may pay for reasonable healthcare expenses for anyone injured in your condo. If your condo is damaged or destroyed by a covered peril, coverage for additional living expenses may pay for you to live at another location while your condo is being repaired. 

Condos located in one of Texas’ coastal cities along the Gulf of Mexico may need flood insurance. This is a separate policy not included with standard coverage. Also, items such as jewelry, fine art, antiques, and silverware may need to be insured separately. There are numerous considerations to take into account when purchasing condo insurance Texas and your local agent is the one to ask for guidance to help you make the right choice.


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