Are You a Raging Driver?

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Many people find driving to be a relaxing and enjoyable task. There are some however, who allow their stress and anxiety to take control when they are behind the wheel. Are you a driver who suffers from road rage? Losing your temper while you’re driving is a bad idea. It can increase your chances of experiencing a collision which in turn could lead to an increase in your Houston auto insurance – and put your life at risk.

Here are some tips on staying cool while driving:

•    Listen to music you like or that relaxes you. This could help distract you from traffic jams or other situations that typically upset you.

•    Breathe. Sometimes taking a few deep breaths and counting to ten may be enough to quell the urge to yell out your window or to stop yourself from performing some impolite gesture.

•    Avoid talking on the phone or text messaging while driving. Both of these activities are dangerous, especially texting, which makes you take your eyes off the road. Also they can distract you from driving in a way that you could anger drivers around you, which in turn could make you lose your temper.

Learning to be a calm driver will benefit you as well as all the people in the cars around you. By avoiding collisions, you have a better chance of finding affordable Houston auto insurance premiums. Become less anxious behind the wheel, and help prevent injury to yourself and others.



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