Do Not Be Hoodwinked: Tips on Avoiding Flood Damaged Cars

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Houston auto insurance is a vital part of protecting yourself from financial ruin after a disastrous incident involving your vehicle, whether it is vandalism, a collision, or arson. The amount of coverage you need directly depends on the value of your car. With the increase in severe weather that has hit the United States in recent years the number of flood damaged cars has also increased.

When buying a used automobile, it is vital you know exactly what you are purchasing to ensure you do not end up with a vehicle that cannot be insured. Here are a few tips to help you find a flood damage free car:

•    When you turn on the engine, you should check to ensure all the lights and gauges on the dashboard work correctly. For example, both the air bag and ABS lights should come on for a moment before turning off.
•    To check for signs of flood damage, look in the trunk, the bottom of the seats, and inside the dashboard. Any signs of mud, silt, or rust should make you walk away.
•    Stained, faded, or discolored fabrics could also be a sign of water damage.
•    Does the upholstery match the carpet? Is it tightly fitted? A “no” to either question could indicate that it has been replaced.
•    Dishonest individuals may use scented air fresheners to hide the foul smell of mildew.
•    Consider having a trustworthy mechanic inspect the vehicle before you make a purchase.

Being a smart shopper can help you to keep your Houston auto insurance affordable too. Choosing a vehicle with excellent safety and anti-theft features may also serve to earn you a discount on your policy.


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