The Advantages of Airbags and Houston Auto Insurance

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In 2009, California overtook Texas as the state with the most collision-related fatalities. Still, with over 3,000 vehicle deaths per year, the Lone Star State is not the safest place to drive. How can you reduce your risk? First, you should obtain proper Houston auto insurance immediately to prevent the financial burden of an accident from falling on your shoulders. Second, you should consider purchasing a car with one or more of the following types of side airbags, which might save your life in a wreck.

  • Curtain airbags are designed to protect the heads on the vehicle’s occupants from slamming against the window. These airbags can be in both the back and front seat. They can make a huge difference during an accident that causes your car to roll over.
  • To prevent injuries to the mid-body, some vehicles have torso airbags. These front or rear seat airbags are long enough to provide protection for everything between your shoulders and your hips. They can deploy from the seat as well as the door.
  • Some airbags offer protection that equates to a combination of the types listed above. Usually installed for front seat passengers only, these larger airbags can protect your head, torso, and all the way down to your hips.

Before purchasing a new car, it is important to check to see what the safety rating of the intended vehicle is. This will help you get an idea of how well it will hold up in a crash. Just as vital is buying a Houston auto insurance policy. Without one, your body might make it out of a collision in one piece, but your wallet won’t.


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