Defensive Driving Tips and Car Insurance in Houston

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Did you know that taking a simple defensive driving course might allow you to obtain lower your premiums on car insurance in Houston? Texans have known this for years and many have taken advantage of it. Are your defensive driving skills up to date?

What may seem like common sense is often lost in the hurry-up bustle of everyday life. Simple things like wearing a seat-belt and using turn signals properly appear to be mundane at first, yet every day there is a driver somewhere who makes an unannounced left turn from the right-hand lane. Being a defensive driver keeps you aware of these situations and better enables the skilled driver to maneuver appropriately.

When you’re approaching a red light and it turns green just before you need to stop, do you accelerate through without looking to either side? More T-bone types of accidents would probably occur in this manner than any other – because so many drivers proceed through a light as it turns red.

No matter how many years driving experience you have, avoid distractions. Don’t eat, drink, or talk on the phone. The driver’s seat is also not the place to hone your DJ skills, so forget about fiddling with the radio. Be aware of debris in the road, and always drive for the conditions of the roadways. Wet or icy conditions call for a slowdown – often well beneath the posted limits. By practicing these rules and taking a defensive driving course, you could be well on your way to lowering the price you pay for future car insurance in Houston. Residents thinking about saving even more should give our agency a call today.


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