Preparing for a Tornado with Home Insurance in Houston

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Nothing exhibits nature’s power much more than a tornado. Unlike earthquakes or hurricanes, a twister gives you something to focus on visually as it destroys everything you hold dear. Before one hits your town, you’ll want to make sure you have the right home insurance in Houston. Residents live with the knowledge that sooner or later a funnel will blow through their city. How can you limit the damage of the inevitable? Here are some suggestions on getting your home ready to weather the tornado.

  • Reinforce your roof, double-entry doors, and garage doors with storm straps and bracings.
  • Store a wrench near the gas meter so you can shut off the connection quickly.
  • Add shutters to your windows. For individuals who cannot afford shutters, use pieces of plywood and pre-drill holes every 12-18 inches to speed installation.
  • Bring in all exterior furniture and décor that is not permanently in place. These items can quickly turn dangerous in the high winds of a tornado.

You may not automatically receive tornado coverage with your current home insurance in Houston. Homeowners who aren’t sure if they have coverage should check their policy exclusions. In the event that you’re not covered, contact us to discuss your options.




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